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New Construction Electrical Installations

Scott McKay Contracting Ltd. has successfully completed numerous new construction projects. Our team members have a wide range of experience and our key people are long time employees.


We are equipped to take on any project, large or small, with a full and modern range of labour saving equipment, including an auger truck/crane, several self-propelled man lifts of varying sizes, large and small trenchers, a skid steer loader, dump trailer and equipment trailers, as well as specialized electrical tools including power benders, power cable pullers, hydraulic knockout cutters and concrete cutting equipment.

Direct ownership and experience with this equipment ensures we will complete your project on time and on budget. Since starting the company in the late 80's, we have never failed to complete a project.


We have completed many underground installations that range from trenching a feed into a residential garage for a homeowner to building multi-conduit, concrete encased duct banks for several institutions and utility companies. We have also completed directional drilling jobs and combination excavation, complimented with drilled portions to maximize value and minimize disturbance in sensitive areas. One good example would be Western Chevrolet's parking lot in Drumheller. This was a paved parking lot with no lighting that we excavated, drilled, pulled cable and poured concrete to provide a fully lighted, modern dealership parking lot.


Although we encourage our customers to put new installations underground, we do carry 25' and 35' poles, cable and hardware to repair or add on to existing installations. We operate an auger truck and a boom lift to set or move poles and the lifts to access them. We do not employ pole climbers at this time.


For more information or to schedule a service appointment, please contact our office.

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